Engineering company

Reminet is an engineering company and partner. We have projects in mechanical design, electrical design and industrial maintenance services.

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Mechanical design

Whether it’s a new product or an improvement on an old one, our designers ensure your product’s manufacturability, usability and functionality, as well as manufacturing costs.

  • Industrial design
  • Modeling
  • Production simulation
  • Strength calculation
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Electrical design

We implement individual design projects for companies and also large investment projects. We specialize in the design of electrical equipment for various industries.

  • Real estate and commercial buildings
  • Modification and final drawings
  • Drawings for specific product models
  • Main electricity distribution systems for industrial sites
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Project management

We perform project manager and engineer tasks needed in various projects for our customers. Our experts also act as work managers, e.g. in industrial installation work.

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Industrial maintenance

Our skilled maintenance experts make sure that there are no interruptions in production. Maintenance is carried out in accordance with the needs of companies, either on an ongoing basis or on call.

Teknisen dokumentaation luomis- ja päivitysprosessi. Palvelut. Tekninen dokumentointi Lahti. Tekninen dokumentointi Tampere.

Technical documentation

It is important that the product has the necessary technical product information throughout its life cycle. We often start from installation and user guides or maintenance manuals. The spare parts list is also very important. The right kind of product information must also be used by marketing, sales and training.

  • Content planning
  • Visual and graphic design
  • Technical implementation
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Marketing services

Our comprehensive marketing service designs and implements various materials and campaigns for businesses for marketing, sales, and training purposes, including corporate graphics, brochures, flyers, banners, and presentation materials.

  • Content planning
  • Visual and graphic design
  • Technical implementation
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IT project services

We offer subcontracting services for IT project consulting and software development. Through us, you can get expert or development work for your project on an hourly basis, for both short-term and long-term projects.

  • IT project management
  • Specialist, development, and design work
  • System integrations
  • Website design and implementation
  • Technical implementation and testing

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