Reminet Oy

Reminet Oy is an industry design company. Reminet Oy is an industry design company. Reminetin suunnittelupalvelut.
We use the latest know-how, software and latest innovations in the industry to help companies succeed in the best possible way.

Reminet Oy is an industry design company, whose customers are Finnish companies and project suppliers. We provide solutions for technically demanding machines, mechatronics and production projects, technical documentation solutions and design solutions. If necessary, we also supervise the installation.

Our designers have extensive experience from small components to large world-class entities.

Our team consists of professionals in their respective fields. We support each other and invest in cooperation to find effective operating models and successes in order to enjoy the work community.

Our clients get added value and competitiveness through our work and sustainable solutions for their business. Our client’s success is our success.

Our office is located in Lahti, but we work all over the country. If you are looking for a job, send us an application. Good guys fit perfectly into our group!